The Selfie Toaster – What Is It and Where Can I Buy One?

Technology has come on leaps and bounds and, if Artificial Intelligence has taught us anything, is likely to keep on leaping and bounding in the months and years still to come. Sometimes that will be for good, with medical advancements and safety developments that are designed to make us live longer than ever before. Sometimes it will be for evil, which you can see pretty easily by having a look at what happens when wars break out around the world. A lot of the time, though, it is all about making our lives that little bit more fun, as you can see with the invention of the Selfie Toaster. The question is, what is it and where can you get one?

What Is the Selfie Toaster?

The most obviously place to start is by having a look at what exactly the Selfie Toaster is. There are numerous things in life that are fairly self-explanatory and this is one of them. In its simplest form, it is a toaster and it does what toasters do, which is cook bread enough to make it warm and… well… toasted. The plastic box of the toaster contains vertical heating elements that are overlaid with cutaway plates. These plates will have been customised based on an image that you sent to the company that you ordered it from, meaning that when you insert your bread and engage the toaster, what follows is something really fun.

When the toast pops up, you will find that it has been cooked in such a way so as to display an image of your own face. That, of course, presupposes that you chose to send a picture of your own face to the company in the first place. Maybe you’re buying the Selfie Toaster for a friend or loved one and would like to see their face in the morning. Maybe you’re getting it to surprise one of your kids and are planning to force them into some sort of toast-based cannibalism. Whatever your plan, the Selfie Toaster will use the heating elements alongside the customised plates to cook your chosen image into your bread.

What Is the Point?

If you’re wondering what the point of it is, you won’t be on your own. Many people will have asked a similar question when they heard about the Selfie Toaster. The answer isn’t quite as simple as the question, though. There will be some people out there that are just narcissists and wish to see their own face everywhere they look, so why should their breakfast toast be any different? Mainly, though, it is just a chance for a bit of fun, with companies also including other cutaway plates that feature things like ‘I ♥ you’ or their own logo to go alongside your selfie and offer a chance to mix things up a little bit.

As much as the final piece of toast might make it look like you’re a ‘missing’ poster from the Wild West, there is no question that it is a decent conversation starter. It is like an edible Polaroid camera being made right in front of you. Yes, we were all told not to play with our food when we were younger, to say nothing of being wary of playing with ourselves too much, but the Selfie Toaster moves to turn that on its head a little bit and present us with an opportunity to do so in a healthy way; or at least as healthy as eating pure and unadulterated carbs can be. Slather yourself in butter without needing to worry about washing it off and enjoy your food.

Where Can You Buy It?

When it comes to getting your hands on the Selfie Toaster, the good news is that there are quite a few different options online. As you can imagine, this is the sort of thing that is featured in a ‘Gifts For Him!’ section of a website, presumably based on the idea that men are massive narcissists. If it something that you think will be well-received by a love one or you simply want to engage in a bit of self-love, there are plenty of options on the World Wide Web for places to shop for it and add a bit of fun back into the kitchen.

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