Is Alex Toksvig Related to Sandi Toksvig?

When the credits roll at the end of a film or TV show, most people simply choose to ignore them, with many going as far as switching off altogether. If that is the category that you fit into then you will no doubt miss a wealth of different roles that are necessary to the success of a production, as well as the people who carry out such roles. One such person whose name you might have seen is that of Alex Toksvig, whose surname is well-known enough to many to mean that you might well wonder whether he is any relation to the writer, comedian and broadcaster Sandi Toksvig. We know she has children, but is he one of them?

Who Are We Talking About?

There are plenty of people involved in television production that most people will never have heard of, fulfilling vital roles but not being well-known enough to capture your attention. As a result, you would be forgiven for not knowing who Alex Toksvig is, even if it is likely that you will have heard his surname before. Sandi Toksvig will be known to a lot of people thanks to her work in the media over the years, but here is a closer look at both of them:

Sandi Toksvig

Born Sandra Birgitte Toksvig in the Danish city of Copenhagen on the 3rd of May, 1958, Sandi Toksvig will have learnt from her father, Claus Toksvig, the joys of journalism. He was a broadcaster and foreign correspondent, so whether that was why Sandi decided to go into the same line of work is difficult to tell. She read Law, Archaeology & Anthropology at Girton College, Cambridge, going into comedy and then getting into television courtesy of a role presenting for children. A regular in shows like Call My Bluff and Whose Line is it Anyway?, she will be best-known to most as the one-time presenter of The Great British Bake Off.

Alex Toksvig

It is fair to say that nowhere near as much is known about Alex Toksvig as is known about his namesake. We are unable to tell you about his date of birth, for example, nor where he grew up. All we can tell you is that he has worked in television since 2022, which was when he became in editorial assistant for I Escaped to the Country. He carried out the same role on Great Coastal Railway Journeys, then was later added to the production team in a wider role on the same TV programme. Other than that, our information about him is somewhat limited.

Are They Related?

Whilst there isn’t a wealth of stuff that we can tell you about Alex Toksvig, one thing we can say with a degree of certainty is that he isn’t related to Sandi Toksvig. It is certainly the case that Sandi has a number of children, with two daughters named Jesse and Morgan, as well as a son called Theo having been born when Sandi was together with her former partner Peta Stewart. The pair broke up in 1997, although they remained friendly, and Sandi re-married in 2007, becoming a step-mother to her second wife’s daughter. Sandi also has an older brother called Nick and a younger sister, Jenifer, from whom she was appointed the legal guardian when Sandi was 24.

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