Is Nick Eardley Related to Stanley Baxter?

When people look a bit like each other, the natural inclination for a lot of people is to assume that there might be some sort of familial relationship involved there somewhere along the line. If it isn’t that they look like each other then it will be for a much more basic reason, such as the fact that they have the same surname. After all, if you met someone out and about that shared your family name then you would be entirely within your rights to ask if they were related to you. In the case of Nick Eardley and Stanley Baxter, it is obviously not the name that has got people asking the question but what they look like. So, are they related?

Who Are We Talking About?

In a world filled with famous people, it isn’t unreasonable for some of them to pass you by as you focus on your own interests. As people tend to avoid the news because it’s too depressing, for example, they might not have ever heard of Nick Eardley, whilst all but the most comedy-literate might not know who Stanley Baxter is. Here is a quick breakdown of both of the people we’re talking about here:

Nick Eardley

Nick Eardley will likely be known to followers of the news, especially those that have an interest in what is going on north of the border. A Scot by birth, Eardley studied an MA in Journalism at Edinburgh Napier University, graduating in 2011. Prior to that he had studied History and Politics, so it was fairly clear where he was going to end up once he’d graduated. He gained experience as a Web Editor for the Edinburgh Fringe, as well as for Buzz Magazine, but it is as a journalist for the BBC that he became best-known to most. He began working for the Corporation in 2014, becoming a Chief Political Correspondent in the September of 2022.

Stanley Baxter

Stanley Livingstone Baxter was born on the 24th of May, 1926 in Glasgow. His father was an insurance manager, with Baxter being school to go on the stage by his mother. When he completed his National Service it was with the British Army’s Combined Services Entertainment unit, working with BBC Radio Scotland during the 1960s. Known for his impressions of people, he had his own show, The Stanley Baxter Show, which ran from 1963 and 1971 before he switched to ITV in 1972 and hosted The Stanley Baxter Picture Show for three years. A long-time favourite of the pantomime scene until his retirement, he also appeared in a number of films during his career.

Are They Related?

It is fair to say that the idea that Nick Eardley and Stanley Baxter are related appears to be entirely based on two things: they are both Scottish and Eardley looks a little bit like Baxter looked when he was younger. For his part, Baxter never had any children, having come out as gay when he released his autobiography in 2020. In fact, it is tricky to figure out why people might even ask the question about the pair, other than that fact that there is a slight look of familiarity between them. It isn’t uncommon for people from a similar area to have a similar look, such as Phil Foden looking aggressively Mancunian.

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