Is Harlem Eubank Related to Chris Eubank?

When someone has a name as unique as ‘Eubank’, it is somewhat inevitable that questions are going to be asked about whether or not they are related to the most famous person called Eubank that most people will have heard of. When the two individuals in question are both boxers, it becomes even more inevitable that people are going to wonder what the relationship is, given the shared interest. Most people know that Chris Eubank is the father of Chris Eubank Jr., a professional boxer, but what of the relationship between Chris and Harlem Eubank, who also became a boxer and has enjoyed some success in the sport?

Who Are We Talking About?

Not everyone likes sports, let alone the pugilistic one of boxing. There will be plenty of people out there who have no idea who the world heavyweight champion of the world is right not, let alone if you start talking about the likes of middleweight and super-middleweight disciplines. As a result, it is best to clarify who it is that we’re talking about.

Chris Eubank

The reason we need to clarify who it is that we’re talking about when we discuss Chris Eubank isn’t just that some people might not be fans of boxing, but also that he has a son called Chris Eubank Jr. who is also a boxer. In the case of Christopher Livingstone Eubank, we’re talking about the main who was born in Dulwich, London on the eight of August 1966. He went on to become the World Boxing Organisation middleweight and super-middleweight champion between 1990 and 1995, being ranked by BoxRec as the third-best British super-middleweight boxer of all time, being undefeated in his first ten years as a professional fighter.

Harlem Eubank

Whist Chris Eubank Sr. will be known to most people, thanks to appearances on TV shows like Mrs Merton, it is likely that not everyone will know about Harlem Eubank. He might be known to supporters of Brighton & Hove Albion who pay particularly close attention to the youth ranks, given the fact that he was considered to be a bright prospect at the club until the age of 16. At that point, however, he decided to follow in the family footsteps and turned to boxing, becoming a professional in 2017 and gradually earning the right for a title fight at his chosen weight of super-lightweight.

How They Are Related

It isn’t too much of a surprise for you to learn that the pair are indeed related, with Harlem Eubank being the son of Simon Eubank, who was Chris Eubank’s brother. Simon died in 2023, aged 61. At the time of his death his son, Harlem, had a record of 18-0, with Chris choosing to join Harlem’s team in order to ensure that he would keep fighting. It is fair to say that boxing is the family sport, given that both Simon and his twin brother Peter were both fighters, albeit to lesser acclaim than Chris manager during his career. Chris Eubank Jr. is obviously Harlem’s cousin, although it is unlikely they will face each other in the ring.

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