About Us


Sharing. It's the basic function of the Internet minus cats.

While social media is the tool that delivers the news, creates the trends and shapes human interaction, it's us who are left to create the laughs, outrages, snark and work distractions.

In no small way, WE are the internet. Yes, trolls too.

We know the number of choices for sharing on the internet roughly equals the population of Canada.

Video networks with millions of viewers and photo sharing sites that work seamlessly within social media are some of the largest well-known brands in the world..

They create revenue from advertising on user-uploaded content. There are even some that share some of the profit with the user, that's fair. You Gossip takes it one stage further!

That's kind of where we come in,
but with a few key exceptions. Well, two.

You Gossip is not making waves by not keeping all the profit generated from advertising.

We are changing the boundaries around Social Media.
We are Social Media with a Social Conscience!

Upload original content to your hearts content. Got a picture of 85 year-old Mom climbing a tree? Great. Upload it. I'm sure five people will love it!

You Gossip is trying to make a difference. We are the only Social Media photo sharing App that donates the majority of it's revenue to charity. You are making money for people who need it, by doing what you do already!

Why use any other photo sharing App, when this one and YOU can make a difference. Download and upload today, and You Gossip for GOOD!

So go ahead and upload that photo
of your friend making a fool of themselves!


This time You Gossip for Good!